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Collin Taylor Collin has traveled the world over on the trail of lost artifacts and missing persons. When their father disappeared Collin was the one whom kept an eye out on his fraternal twin Conrad. Now his brother has gone missing, hes left picking up the pieces in city awash with troubles. But hes not alone. As a newly minted soldier in the Army of Light, he’s find out just how interesting things are about to get.

Rose McCann The young Hunter with magical gift or healing. New to the Vigil Rose was sent to Seattle to look in on the Taylor Brothers. A mystic healer in her own right, Rose was often kept at home to heal hunters too wounded to continue in the field, however with Conrad’s release she was sent to go both keep and eye out on the Taylor boys, and away from harms way out in Denver. Her time with the Taylor boys seems to have darkened her… or is perhaps its something else entirely?

Travis Locke The man with a muddled past. Something BIG tore his last Hunter Cell apart in the worst possible way. From the inside. Cancer Cells are always like that. Now, on the run from his past, he’s finally found some people worth trusting, and few tattered remains of his past life. Slowly piecing together bits of his past, he hopes to eventually find out what really did happen to his last Cell, and make it pay.

Zander Quinn The Priest with something to prove. Zander hunts those things in the night which hunt mankind. He’s here on a mission, but what is it?

Kenji Uchiha The Sword wielding Samurai of the Modern age. Family slaughtered by and ancient vengeful spirit, Kenji has taken to the life of the wandering Samurai, righting wrongs of the supernatural as he finds them.

Mathius Ian Rogerson many think that “Matty” is the Rising star of the worlds underground Relic Hunting profession, only if he can escape his past notoriety. Will he be able to live up to his families legacy of tradition and excellence? Or will the bright star burn out before he realizes his potential?

Alexander Jay The miscreant man with a military past. He hears spirits, but doesn’t know here they are leading him… Thinking the voices and things he see’s are the product of Post Traumatic Stress, Alex has done his best to ignore the odd and unusual things around him. Now he’s met a group of people whom hunt the weird and unusual, and hes finding out that he’s got a bigger part to play in things.

Sister Alice May A militant Nun from the Philippines here to right wrongs and save the heathen souls of the Seattle’s Hunter population.

Mohammad Kaddah A Hunter from the rough side of the city’s underworld and a mysterious order of chemists.

Seth Rothchilde Millionaire. Philanthropist. Father. Hunter. Proof that Hunters come from all walks of Life, Seth and his wife search for their child, abducted by the mythical Faeries.

Lacey Rothchilde Mother to a child stolen by the Faeries, Lacy and her husband search every dark corner they can for clues about their daughters abduction.

Passage & Privateers